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5 Things What You should Know about Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Luxury Vinyl Flooring or popularly known as LVT flooring is considered as high-end flooring product that offers higher quality compared with other vinyl floorings or laminate flooring. The core material used to make this flooring is the combination of rigid wood and plastic composite, resulting in a natural wood texture and look. Get to know why this flooring has become so popular recently. 

Give natural wood appearance and feel

LVT flooring gives you a different look from other artificial wood floorings. Unlike most laminate floorings, this one comes with the appearance and feel just similar to solid wood flooring. The manufacturing process used to create this floor produces a product that only can be found in solid or engineered hardwood flooring such as natural colors, grain details, and deep textures. The innovation conducted in luxury vinyl manufactures has produced fresh new flooring materials suitable for any house.

It’s basically waterproof

Luxury Vinyl Flooring offers quality that can surpass other floorings such as hardwood, engineered wood, and laminate flooring. It is because this floor can be installed in a damp area. The majority of luxury vinyl can resist water and several of them are designed to be waterproof. This unparalleled quality of flooring makes it the best option to be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, and even basement. Hence, if you live in a region with a climate with high moisture, this flooring is perfect for your house. 

Easy Installation

Although it has differences when faced with moisture, LVT flooring has similarities with laminate flooring when it comes to installation. This floor offers easy installation and is often installed in a floating option. Therefore, the installation process doesn’t need glue or fastening. Besides, it is quite the same with other flooring materials, it is available in planks with different widths and lengths. It comes with a locking mechanism that can be functioned as a watertight seal allowing you to install it easily and quickly as well as put in DIY style. 

Easy Installation

More affordable price

Many people are often surprised by the natural appearance of Luxury Vinyl Flooring as it looks like hardwood floors. However, people are more surprised when they know the price of this floor. With both high quality and cost-saving that LVT flooring had, people likely take this floor into account for their home that has been affected by moisture, either entirely or partially. Compared with other solid hardwood floorings, luxury vinyl helps homeowners save more dollars. Not to mention with its cost-saving and easy installation. 

Simple Maintenance

Another consideration when choosing LVT flooring is actually its treatment after installation. This floor is known to be in the group of flooring that is pretty easy when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. This factor cannot be separated from the structural components of Luxury Vinyl Flooring. The material and design of the floor offer a protective layer that makes it uneasily break. For regular maintenance, you commonly just need to sweep and mop to remove any dirt from its surface and obtain a clean look. 

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